The Need to Get Your Dryer Vents Cleaned

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It is vital to keep your dryer vents clean for a number of reasons, and it’s not just about energy conservation. Cleaning dryer vents will improve your health, too. To effectively dry your clothes, the dryer will pump out moist air. If your dryer is covered from the outside by lint, then the moisture can’t be removed as expected. That built-in moisture requires more heat energy to evaporate.

You probably have a problem with lint if you begin to notice any of these issues. Drying the clothes with hot air from the dryer drum takes a lot longer and more time. That’s going to take a toll on your dryer and your clothes. If the dryer becomes too hot to touch, then clothes will be fresh and clean, right? Wrong. If the clothes or the dryer becomes very hot to the touch at the end of a cycle, then it means that the dryer is not discharging correctly through the vents. Everything is overheating, and overheating is never a good thing.

More Dryer Vent Issues

If you smell something is burning, then it’s the lint. Lint is very flammable, and when it builds up in the exhaust vent, drum casing, or lint trap, it may catch fire. Statistics show that 16,000 home fires that were reported were caused by dryer vent issues.

If the dryer duct’s hood flap fails to open, then you probably have lint in the hose. This is a time that you need to hire a professional to clean the lint in your dryer, or possibly do it yourself if you have the capacity to do so.

If your dryer is cleaned regularly then the lint won’t accumulate excessively in the dryer hose or exhaust vent. It helps to clean the screen of the dryer vent after every use. You don’t really have to wash the dryer drum all too often. But you must shake off dirt and hair trapped in it every now and then.

Take Lint Seriously

Lint build-up is real it must be taken seriously. You must check your dryer for lint periodically. It’s better to hire an expert in dryer vent cleaning to get this task done for you. A professional HVAC contractor is the best person to do the job.

It’s because they have the tools, products, and materials to get the task done right. Furthermore, they are well-trained in cleaning dryer vents, which is a rather meticulous job. It is also possible for them to do regular checks on your dryer so you will get full peace of mind, knowing that your appliance is well-maintained. That should keep your family safe at all times.

There’s also a way to automate vent maintenance. If you want to know more about the newer systems and technologies that you can use on your dryer, so you’ll know if there’s too much lint on the vents, talk to the experts. It’s highly recommended that you explore all your options so you can get the best solution to these problems.

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