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Things Drivers Should Never Do

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Driving is an extremely dangerous activity, and it requires your full concentration when you are doing it on the road. Some people lose their life while some get severely injured because of road accidents. In fact, according to the United States Department of Transportation, there are approximately more than 950, 000 road accidents and over 5, 000 of which results in death. This is the reason why it is crucially important to follow strict regulations on the road and avoid doing things that increases the chances of danger.

When inconvenience and accidents happen, you then start thinking,” are there nearby hospitals?” “are there services like towing near me?” “Am I able to get a fast response from them?”

Note: Secure first the hotline numbers of emergency and towing companies as these two will really help you save your life and save your car.

Of course, these accidents and inconvenience can be avoided. In this article, you will know the things you should not do when you are driving on any road.

1. Look at the phone screen

This is the most common rule on driving that most people seem to forget. Unless you have that reflexes and skills that can rival that of a jet fighter pilot, you have a chance on texting while being safe on the road. Typing to your friend a message or constantly refreshing your notification area and scrolling the newsfeed is never good activity especially when you are driving. It is important to leave your phone silent to avoid distractions. Your focus needs ot be one the road alone.

2.Discipline unruly children

We all know that our kids can sometimes be unruly and this does not exclude when you are driving in the car. It is very important to discipline your children and discuss with them the danger of misbehavior inside the car especially when driving.

3. Don’t dress up inside the car

A lot of people dress up in their car whether because they are running late to work or hurrying up for an occasion. DO NOT DO THIS. It is better to be late a few or more minutes rather than risking your life just because you tried dressing up on your driver’s seat.

4.Do not eat while driving

Well, yes, some people may be able to do this. There are certain foods thought that are not good to eat while driving as they cause more inconvenience and distraction. For instance, tacos can be a bit messy when eaten in the car and they have the tendency to fall apart whenever you take a bit. This is a potential distraction that may result in a potential road accident.

Likewise, avoid greasy and oily foods as they make it hard for you to have a convenient grip on the steering wheel.

5.Drink alcohol

Some people say that drinking a little is not harmful enough driving. However, to be safe, it is best to completely avoid drinking when you know you will be driving later. When you know that you will need to drink at a friend’s invitation, it is better to ditch your car and go for a taxi instead.

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