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Replacing a Retaining Wall

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For those who don’t know, retaining walls are a type of wall that protects the soil of your yard against erosion. Its purpose is to hold the soil of a sloping area.  

Over time, retaining walls will experience regular wear and tear. A couple of homeowners choose to fix them. However, this option might not be ideal if the wall is too old.  

If your retaining wall is more than 20 years old, your best bet is to replace it. So, how can you replace a retaining wall? Do you need a Lincoln retaining wall professional for help? Let’s find out! 

Should You Hire a Professional? 

Unfortunately, you cannot replace your retaining wall if you don’t have the tools and skills needed. Thus, you will need the help of a professional. 

You will require designers and engineers to evaluate the structure of your wall. After that, you will also have to shape your yard. You’ll have to hire a carpenter or a mason to build the wall.  

When getting rid of your old retaining wall, you’ll also need the help of a professional. 

DIY Retaining Wall Installation 

Methods for installing retaining walls differ. If you’re constructing a huge retaining wall, you will need the help of a professional. In addition to that, you will also have to get a permit from your local council to install a bigger retaining wall. 

When building retaining walls, you’ll have to start from the foundation. Around 1/3 of your wall will be inside the ground.  

Getting Rid of the Old Retaining Wall 

There are two forms of retaining walls. This includes tall retaining walls and short retaining walls.  

Short retaining walls are a bit easy to get rid of. You can easily get rid of the walls without damaging the yard’s shape if the walls are only holding a bit of soil. 

On the other hand, getting rid of tall or large retaining walls can be difficult. A professional contractor needs to construct a temporary structure to hold the soil of your yard. Furthermore, they also have to get rid of the soil close to the wall.  

Then, they will gradually get rid of the wall. If they don’t do it properly, you’ll notice huge chunks of soil collapse. This might lead to injuries and accidents.  

When Should You Fix Your Retaining Wall? 

If your retaining wall is made of timber, you can easily fix it by just replacing the affected parts. You can purchase new wooden boards to replace the damaged sections. Doing so will help you get back the wall to its complete strength. 

On the other hand, if your retaining wall is made of concrete, you might need the help of a professional. The reason for this is that fixing concrete retaining walls requires tools and skills that only a professional has.  

When you do notice issues with your retaining wall, you should not hesitate to fix them. If you ignore these minor problems for a long period, your wall will become weak and it might cause accidents in the future.  

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Embracing Maximalism and Variety in Bathroom Tile Ideas for 2022 Trends

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New years are always a reason to rethink some things in life, and that includes home designs. If you are considering having a new look in 2022, you should start with your bathroom — and one thing that changes everything in your bathroom is the tiling.   

To add, bathroom renovations Etobicoke are now widely searched on the Internet and this gave us the idea that perhaps, a lot of people need some helpful tips on how to better and enhance their bathroom in an efficient way.   

Bathroom tile trends have been slowly steering away from the boring neutral designs and more and more clients are getting bolder to pick something that they personally prefer and that which coincides much with their personalities.  

This 2022, it is all about making it YOUR SPACE.  

So, without further ado, here are the biggest bathroom tile trends you need to look for in 2022.  

Patterned Tiles  

While minimalism is still relevant and preferred by some, it is now probably the time to be bold in choosing designs and embrace maximalism. From the simple black-and-white clean tiles, brace yourself for a vivid combination of mixed materials, patterned tiles, playful textiles, and punchy wallpapers.   

Maximalism favors variety which creates multiple layers of motif and materials. It is exuberant, vivid, and bold. What makes this approach to style and trend convenient is you can combine a variety of tiles and materials without feeling too random — a pro of being a trend.   

Different Tile Configurations  

Talking about variety, one can actually balance variety through configurations and pairings. For instance, for a neater and more orderly “randomness”, one can choose geometric motifs with hand-painted tiles or blend charcoal floor tiles with classic tile layout on the wall. Moreover, you can even blend and combine traditional style with the modern one. You see, one does not need to be completely random in order to achieve variety.   

Uneven Grout Widths  

Traditionally, uneven grout widths were known to be a failure in space measurement. Well, now, you can use it to your advantage. Playing with the grout width can result in interesting and fresh pattern for the sight. This alone can give a dynamic style without purchasing more expensive tiles that are patterned or pre-designed. One can choose classic and/or basic colors and just style the bathroom with different grout widths that play along together. This lessens the costs and at the same time enhances creativity and spatial skills.   

Blocked Tiles in Primary Colors  

Primary colors had been a thing in the past, so we veered away from it and stick to neutral colors. In this year, we can now embrace them back!   

Since our theme and aim is to be bold in choosing bathroom tiles, 2022 lets you choose any bold color. Of course, we do away with the previous “black” trend of and should try sunflower yellows and sunshine oranges among others.   


Some maximalism ideas you can try include tiled baths and sinks, stacked tiles, single-color tiles that are intense (maroon, red, etc.), and more. Just bring to mind that in whatever design or style you prefer, bring out your creativity and personality.   

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