Road Trip and Holiday Travel Tips and Tricks 

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During the holidays, people embark on a long road trip to enjoy a short vacation or be with their loved ones. Road trips and holiday travels can be fun, but the drivers and passengers should practice all precautions to ensure a safe drive ahead.  


When it’s the holiday season, over 70,000 drivers use the major highways. This means that the traffic volume will rise and continue to do so in the following hours. With more cars on the road, accidents are bound to happen more frequently than usual. 

What Transpires When Accidents Occur 

When accidents occur on the road, tow truck drivers get really busy. Almost all Wanneroo towing companies are on the road, trying to help the people who figured in a road mishap. As a matter of fact, towing companies handle over a dozen emergency calls every day throughout the holiday season. 

Accidents occur mostly because of driver’s fault or negligence. They don’t follow safety precautions such as following the speed limit, refraining from using their phone, and not paying attention to the road. Remember that during the holiday season, the roads are busier than usual. There are a lot of other drivers using the road and you might not have the luxury to take your eyes off the road.  

Busy Tow Truck Drivers  

When it’s the holiday season, the tow truck drivers get very busy too. They have more clients to help but the road is quite congested they can’t get to their location fast enough. Many towing companies are giving a leeway of up to two hours before they help a client and handle a different case.   

The significant volume of vehicles on the road and the weather are causing issues to tow truck drivers. This becomes the cause of concern and frustration to a lot of car owners. Even if they called for an emergency situation, the tow trucks are not getting to them fast enough. That’s the usual scenarios during the peak of the holidays.  

What You Can Do  

To ensure that you’re safe on the road at all times, send your vehicle to customary inspection for roadworthiness. Be sure that you also carry emergency kits such as heating packs, blankets, shovel, candles, and food. These will help you greatly in case you break down during the trip in some deserted part of the highway and the towing company can’t get to you immediately.   

Sitting on the side of the road waiting for help is one of the most frustrating experiences you’ll ever have. A few minutes feel like several hours when you’re lost in the middle of the road not seeing another car passing you buy. It can get scarier at nighttime.  

To ensure that this ordeal won’t happen to you, prepare well for the trip. Know the emergency hotline numbers not just of the towing company but also of the sheriff and highway patrols of the city you’re going to. That way, you can call on more people to help you out so you need not worry too much.  


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